How do I install, setup and access the Standard VPN client (via Cisco AnyConnect).
Summary: This document will show you how to setup the CWI Cisco Standard VPN on your computer. Standard VPN will allow a user to access their H: and I: drives. If you need additional access to use Colleague, Perceptive Content or Resource 25, please refer to FAQ256 for setting up Enterprise (ERP) VPN.

Note: Standard VPN is accessible by every employee by default. No authorization is needed. Enterprise VPN still requires Manager or Supervisor approval via helpdesk ticket. If you need to access Colleague, Perceptive Content or Resource 25, you must use the Enterprise VPN access method

Note: The VPN client can be used on a work computer or a home computer. Make sure you have a good internet connection before trying to connect via VPN. When using your home computer, please make sure your antivirus software is on and up to date before connecting to the VPN.

Note: You will need an outside network provider (home, coffee shop, etc.) to connect to the internet and setup VPN. You CANNOT access the VPN while connected to ANY CWI network. If you have access to a mobile hot spot (i.e. cell phone with tethering or a “jetpack”), you can proceed with setting up access while on a CWI campus.

Please read attached PDF for further details.

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